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Are you ready to improve your full human potential?

Are you ready to improve your full human potential?

Sportman & Biochemist

Sportman & Biochemist


A large part of my life has always been defined by sports. I started with swimming, pentathlon, tried handball, and even enjoy canoeing. I have been paddling since the age of 8. I'm grateful in many respects for this sport: successes, experiences and friendships, trips around the world, fitness, endurance, fighting spirit… I started in 1992 but unfortunately had to quit around 2013-2014 due to burnout and injuries associated with elite-level training. 

I usually never get bored so the sport is still dominant in my life, only the purpose changed: to regain the health of my muscles and joints. I became a generalist and it moved me to new types of exercises like Pilates, bodyweight and weight training, natural movements like MovNat and many sports that I hadn't tried before. I also started to coach people in these sports.

I'm endlessly curious. I like to learn new things and enjoy collecting experiences. In school I was most interested in the natural sciences, so I graduated as a chemical technician and health preventing bio-engineer at university. I then began my interest in the Paleolithic diet. I read a lot and researched what would be the best diet for humans and I believe it’s the paleo. I introduced myself to it gradually more than 8 years ago and I am happy to say I feel really good.

The past few years I've been reading books and scientific articles like mad in my quest to stay on top of the latest trends and advances in profession and my athletic lifestyle. Through all my research I felt it was time publish books and articles to share the knowledge I've gained; Beyond Paleo (currently only available in Hungarian) and the Wild Paleo cookbook written with Elmira Mezei, Sunlight Diet, which is about the biological effects of the sunlight and artificial lights, and Hungarian Paleo Magazine, Paleosport blog.

If we want to be healthy then it’s not just the food that matters, but countless other lifestyle and environmental factors. This is what my blog is about.

I have been diligently researching the function of the human body and I think the best tool for that is the science of quantum biology. It’s about matching the conventional biology with quantum physics. This way we can get a much deeper understanding of nature and life. As the physicists are looking for the grand unified equation describing the universe, there should be an unified theory in biology as well… let me tell you, they do not have it yet but quite a lot is known and only a small slice is taught in schools! I'm constantly studying this field and share my knowledge with you in my books, articles, videos and presentations. I wish you happy reading on this site! Because the research is constantly proving new things, know that I'm growing and expanding as well. Feel free to explore your own ideas and share them with me!

I continuously educate myself as a coach. Some sports that I coach are bodybuilding-fitness, kayak-canoe, MovNat, Spartan Bodyweight and Girja and there are other courses in my plan as well. I like to transfer this theoretical knowledge and more than 20 years of athletic experience into practice on my training sessions.

Recently I started a RubbishChallenge. It hurts my eyes to see so many beautiful places turned into junkyards. So once a week for one hour I clean them combined with a good exercise.

Natural Movement is my new passion

Natural Movement is my new passion

Currently I'm living in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands in Spain. It's a beautiful, sunny place, with a lot of nice natural areas to exercise outside. 

Let me know if you would like to join my trainings and workshops on this island! 

Mihaly Safran - natural Health coach

Why to learn from me?

  • Because I have a complex viewpoint...
  • 25 years experience in sport
  • University (+8 years own learning) level in biochemistry, biophysics
  • Any advice I give, I have already tested on myself
  • Passion for learning and teaching the latest knowledge about human physiology

Mihaly Safran

Born: 21st March1985 in Győr, Hungary

Studies: Biochemical Engineer, Sport trainer

Books (Hungarian)

  1. A paleón túl (Beyond paleo)
  2. Vad paleo (Wild paleo) - coauthor Elmira Mezei
  3. Napfény diéta (Sunlight diet)
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Professional Sprint Canoeist Background

  • Olympian 2008 Beijing
  • World Championship Bronze Medalist (C-4 1000 m, 2011)
  • 2x European Champion (C-2 1000m 2009, C-4 1000m 2011)
  • 2x Senior and 30x Junior National Champion
  • 2x U23 European Champion C-2 1000m (2007, 2008) 
  • Junior World Champion C-1 1000m (2003)
  • Personal best(s): C-1 1000m 3:49, C-1 500m 1:49, C-2 1000m 3:32



Other interests
ice swimming, hiking, SUP, windsurfing, guitar, reading, friends & enjoying life