Move and More Camp Fuerteventura 2019
to 18 Mar

Move and More Camp Fuerteventura 2019

7 days retreat for healthy movement and lifestyle on Fuerteventura island

A lifelong inspiration for a pain, injury and disease free life 

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Your experiences in the camp?

-        Sunshine, beach, workouts, lectures, hikings, happy mood and a lot more experiences…

-        A lot of practical tips for healthy movement and lifestyle from 3 instructors. Not a bootcamp! :) We focus on movement quality and health development from the basics.

-        Specific movement quality development, movement pattern correction (NMPT), posture analysis and improvement.

-        You can learn what your current movement quality is missing and what corrections and exercises are neccesary to solve it.

-        Solution for chronic low-back, shoulder and further musculoskeletal pains.

-        Mobility, stability, flexibility, strenght, balance development alltogether.

-        We will guide you throught the principles of Move and More + MovNat movement systems.

-        Lecture about healthy nutrition and lifestyle changing principles based on modern biophysics (mitochondria, biohacking).  


11th March - 17th March 2019


Spain, Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, Costa Calma


429 EURO

Kids (with parents): 50% Off under age 18. Free under age 6.

Included: 10 workouts (MovNat, Move and More mobility&yoga, salsa), 2x lecture, camp organisation, 4x paleo dinner - 1x lunch, daytime snacks-coffe-tea-water, digital photos-videos about the camp

Not included: flight ticket, accomodation, further meals, car rental, transfers, insurance, facultative programs

Deadline: 11th February


You should book accomodation for yourself around Costa Calma. I suggest,,, local hotels, apartments. (from ~20-25Euro/person/night). A cozy surf villa: Beverly Hills Villa


Book your flight ticket to Fuerteventura, there are many direct flights from the big cities of Europe. You can also connect it with further trips, there are a lot of beautiful spots in this area…


I suggest to rent online a car for 2-4 people from the airport. From ~60-80 Euro/week (prices in Dec 2018). If you need help fot car rental write me to!


The island is sunny almost the whole year, sometimes cloudy, often windy. The temperature in March is ~20-28 °C during daytime, ~17-20°C nighttime, water ~18-19°C . Sunrise ~7.05AM, sunset ~7.05PM.

Our Instructors

  Georgina Ujvári

Ujvari Georgina Bemutatkozas small.jpg

·       Partner Founder, representative: Move and More - Training, Lifestyle

·       Generalist movement: Gymnastics, yoga, boxing, street workout

·      Healthy lifestyle, herbs, spirituality

·       Facebook: Georgina Ujvári - The Natural Way

·       Instagram: @g_oneness

István Berecz

bereczistvan small.jpg

·       Founder: Move and More - Training, Lifestyle

·       Generalist movement: Strenght coach (mobility/stability, flexibility), swimming, bouldering, gymnastics, street workout, athletics, acrobatics

·       NMPT – Spine academy – Movement pattern correction

·       Lifestyle coach

·       Facebook: Berecz István - Move and More

·       Instagram: @_moveandmore


Mihály Sáfrán

mihalysafran camp pic small.jpg

·    Founder: PaleoSport, SunnyFitness

·     MovNat, Spartan Bodyweight&Girja, Canoe-kayak coach

·      2x Eu. champion, olympian canoeist

·    Bioengineer, Quantumbiologist, book author (3 Hungarian books: Beyond paleo, Wild paleo, Sunlight Diet)

·       Facebook: MihalySafran - SunnyFitness

·       Instagram: @mihalysafran


About Move and More trainings

Our elements are the natural movements, because we are born to move and came from the wild.

We are correcting movement patterns, developing mobility, stability-flexibility, movement range correction and also power&endurance. We developed our own training system from the combination of different kind of sports. Our goal is to provide you the perfect natural movement, daily lifestyle needs with simplicity, with exercises that can be practice anywhere, anytime and with them people can have a more balanced and happy life.

About the NMPT method

The NMPT (Natural Movement Pattern Training) is a complex system that eliminates musculoskeletal problems not by locally manipulating the human body but looking on it as a whole unit, teaching the nervous system functions in the right direction to correct defective movement patterns to help prevent many spinal and joint problems. The system was invented by Maté Bene physiotherapist and spinal specialist. We have built this system into our own training method to help build up yourself deeply from the basics without injuries.

We recommend it to everyone:

  • who would like to avoid spinal and joint pains,

  • who already had hernia and would like to prevent the emergence of another spinal problems,

  • who wants to play sport in a spine friendly way,

  • who would like to move as a young in his elder ages,

  • who wants to avoid symptoms like frozen shoulders, “tennis and golf elbow”,

  • who is ready for taking action against the development of the hip and knee joint degeneration, because by balancing the myofascial lines, the loading of the joints can be optimized,

  • who would like to avoid headaches due to front moved head posture, avoid tinnitus and dizziness due to jaw joint problems,

  • who would like to improve his posture and prevent the pains attributed to the aging of the musculoskeletal system,

  • who is not only looking for symptomatic treatment, but is looking for an essential, strictly research-based, modern and long-term solution.

The movement is created under the direction of the nervous system. The NMPT teaches the correct motion pattern for the nervous system, ie it provides essentially and selectively, relaxing or activating the muscles needed to maintain the healthy state of the spine and other joints. These muscles do not work or do not work well by the generation of people sitting front of computers, travelling by car, watching a lot of TV, so we have to re-program ourselves. The process of course requires endurance and diligence, as it is not easy to bring back the spine curvatures that have been lost in decades.

About MovNat trainings

In the MovNat (Natural Movement) we practice walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, swimming, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, self-defense, cooperative work, gymnastics, bodyweight strenght exercises, and their progressions, combinations from the basics. Safe, step-by-step progressions for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels!
Special attention on ground movement for restoring stability and mobility. Screening your weaknesses and improving your movement skills and quality. We prefer training outside in a safe natural environment to get the benefits of sunlight, grounding and fresh air. 

This method will help you to build a naturally strong and flexible body and to form yourself into a mindful, skillful, and physically capable human being!


Preliminary plan, we reserve the right for change the program!

0. day Sunday: Travel

20.00 Arriving and meeting at the airport (plane from Hungary)

~21.00 Arriving in Costa Calma, check in at the accomodation

1st day Monday: Let’s start to move!

7.00-7.20 Facultative sunrise watching on the beach, easy exercise

9.30-11.00 Move and More workout

Free program during the day

16.00-17.30 MovNat workout

18.00 Dinner together

19.00 Facultative sunset watching in La Pared

2nd day Tuesday: Yoga, tour, lecture and movement of course!

7.00-8.30 Sunrise yoga and meditation on the beach

10.00-17.00 Trip to the beautiful&wild beach of Cofete

14.30-16.00 MovNat workout in Cofete

18.00 Dinner together

19.00-20.30 Interactive lecture about modern musculoskeletal problems and solutions

3rd day Wednesday: Tour, chilling day

7.00-7.20 Facultative sunrise watching on the beach, easy exercise

9.30-18.00 Facultative whole day trip on the island or free program

4th day Thursday: Let’s continue to move and get smarter!

7.00-7.20 Facultative sunrise watching on the beach, easy exercise

9.30-11.00 Move and More workout

Free program during the day

15.30-17.00 MovNat workout

18.00 Dinner together

19.00-20.30 Interactive lecture about healthy diet, lifestyle based on biophysics

 5th day Friday: Desert hiking and exploring

7.00-7.20 Facultative sunrise watching on the beach, easy exercise

9.30 Start to the sand dunes in the north (~1hour driving): 3-4 hour hiking in the desert, meanwhile MovNat workout

15.00- Free program during the day

6th day Saturday: Yoga, hill hiking and fiesta!

7.00-8.30 Sunrise yoga and meditation on the beach

Free program during the day or facultative 5 hour hiking (Pico de la Zarza, 807m, middle difficulty)

18.00 Dinner together

19.00-23.00 Closing fiesta or facultative salsa party

7th day Sunday: Surprise workout and closing the camp

7.00-7.20 Facultative sunrise watching on the beach, easy exercise

9.30-11.00 Combo exercise (Move and More, MovNat, Yoga)

13.00-14.00 Lunch together, closing the camp meeting, going to airport


  • Private MovNat, Spartan Bodyweight, Move and More Mobility&Yoga workouts, nutrition and lifestyle consultation. 15 Euro/person/hour

  • Private photoshooting with Orsolya Mihaly photographist. Make your own photos on the beach! 50 Euro/person/hour

  • Gong bath 45 minutes tibetian gong seance with Krisztina Kéri. 10 Euro/person

  • Acroyoga and movement improvisation on the beach as we wish.


Send me an e-mail to with your name and e-mail adress, please transfer the fee .


Account No.: CaixaBank, 2100-4545-3822-0024-4539
IBAN code: ES57
Name of beneficiary: Mihaly Zoltan Safran

Cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation we will not refund the deposit but it may be used for other services until 31.12.2019 (workouts, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, books, further camps, events, presentations). The program starts with a minimum of 10 people. In case of less of applicants the event will not be organized and the entire deposit will be refunded. If you could not attend, please let me know as soon as possible!



Camp Facebook Group for asking your questions

Videos from the previous camps HERE!

Spend with us a sunny, sporty week in the beautiful and natural environment of Fuerteventura!

More Fuerteventura pictures HERE! 

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